How about some background

Blogging I think is a natural for we seasoned I sit after 75 interesting trip to say the least…not just sitting and contemplating my navel but given an opportunity to pontificate ( that’s a good word Gary right it down) on just about everything. No one may ever see it or read it but should be fun..anyway Cat thinks so.

By the way Gary is the elder of the church..I have been called to pastor in Flint..I know I lost you already..yep I am one of those..a born again christians..and a pastor at this age..go figure

Elder Gary.. a fun thing with old is not alway remembering the word you want an a larger more complex  word comes out and i have Gary save them for me

So anyway I see Flo’s sister on the Progressive commercial writing her blog so Cat and I figure we’ll give it a try..where were we….?????

Cat just climbed up on my lap so he could review what I was writing.

Anyway just a few comments on’s technical..

The kids of today have an expression for people of our seasoning….Aunt Tillys..and there right. If you could have seen how long it took to figure just the elementaries of blogging. But I warn them we start out slow but finish strong,..probably a good start..anyway Cat wants some attention..see you on the flip side

In the mean time be nice to someone and try not to be to big of an _____.


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