The biggest issue for the seasoned new blogger is the direction to walk your blog.

So many life experiences

So many hobbies

So many interests

Which way do you travel? And making sure that in your newness…you don’t wax poetic and some how lose everything you have written. Direction…Direction…Direction

Let me reflect..the Lord is the center of my life..then wife and family and friends . But without the Lord nothing works.

Love the beach, ocean and warm here I sit in Michigan….go figure…but in my latter days realize you serve where you are called!

Enjoy oil painting…and will definitely show some of my works and if something strikes your fancy it could be yours for the right price. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..some of the paintings I’ve sold I didn’t like.

Showing my paintings

Definitely have a heart for the underdog..have worked with homeless for almost 18 years in the Flint area..deep concern for animals..and if you feel for the underdog you have to support the Detroit Lions

Just another loss

There are so many directions that this could my sermons on Sunday think I’ll let the Lord lead me with a nudge or two from Cat.


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