Things I miss pt2

After my last post realized after 75 years how much I do miss…..watching the kids grow up….walking the streets of New York City until 3:00 in the morning and not being afraid…a great corn beef on rye at the Stage Deli….walking the Boardwalk…driving way to fast the “ seven sister curves” at Loch Raven Dam in an MG…white water rafting on the Gun Powder river after a storm…hanging out in Fells Point in the late 60’s…dancing till dawn….walking down the Grand Canyon to the Arizona River..the big cities, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Las Vegas, Washington D C, Miami, and Philadelphia.

You ate in good restaurants without Gorman Ramsay scaring you to death

I miss Ruth Criss Steak Houses…Tony Roma’s..Peking Duck…Hausners…Little Italy..The Stage…Rosie O’ Grady’s…the spots in the Village…those little ma and pa crab shacks and barbecue joints

I miss the safer, less technical time when people actually interacted with each other…not thru smartphone, iPads or computers.

The days growing up when you handled problems head on.. not worrying about guns or knives.

Schools were safe…you walked miles to school without fear.

God was in the home….the church and in schools. You respected the flag,,..your teacher..each other.

There was terrible social injustice….but with the help of God change started….it wasn’t easy but it started.

Then I watched everything going crazy…Norman Lear portrayed the American an over guzzling..idiot in a stained T-shirt

Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver were no more

The assault on the family continues to this day….God was expelled from school..the rule was if it felt good do it…the day of the statesman was the 40’s you went to work for the government if you could not get a real you go because you never lose your job.. your benefits are better than the rest of the country..and if you play you cards right you can parlay your influence into millions.

There were a lot of problems.. but there were a lot of positives, but “ we are not in Kansas anymore Toto.”


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