Mind tripping

The song by John Denver said, “ In my mind I’m going to Carolina.”…not me…I’m sick of the cold…the snow..the ice…no more polar vortex for me. In my mind I’m going someplace warm.

Sick of the cold

I have neither the money..time…or opportunity to go for real.

Seems everyone I know is off to somewhere warm…sunny…anywhere but here. There going to Florida…there going to Arizona…Vegas…Maui…the Pacific Rim…even off to Israel.

Tonight decided I’m mind tripping to Sicily for three or four days. Don’t get scared.. even though a child of the 60’s I am not going to drop acid..shrooms.. or another mind altering substance….I am just going to use something rarely used today….the imagination.

Going to take the wife along but she won’t have nearly as much fun because the trip will be in my mind.

So tonight I’ll start packing…booking the flights from Detroit….to Sicily. Reserving the villa on the Mediterranean..pool and hot tub included,…renting a nice convertible..and planning our trip.

Booked a seventeen hour direct flight on Delta Airline…to Catania Airport..rented car..then will have a hour drive to Villa Noto.

Not much on flying anymore at my age but I have a feeling this trip will go smoothly …no problems with TSA….luggage…or reservations…the only problem is having someone check on Cat and feed him. Maybe I’ll just bring him in carry on …it’s my fantasy.

I think I’ll have him trained to a leash and if the wife decides to stay by the pool or hot tub.. he can accompany me sightseeing.

Decided my first trip should be Italy…my best friends for some reason always seem to be Italian.

Also I want to be warm…on the water.. and access to good food. Think that Sicily will fit the bill.

The misses won’t like it but I’d like to see some of the Roman ruins and maybe take a trip up to Mt Elba the volcano. While I’m gone I know she’ll enjoy the books she brought and laying around the pool.

Here we are departing DTW for Sicily …as expected no problem getting on board..my fantasy so no problems. The flight is fine..Cat is sleeping in his cage..and we are on our way.

We are traveling 1st class..in a fantasy why travel any other way. The stewardesses are bringing our dinner and Cat is still napping.

Dinner was acceptable..even in a fantasy airplane food ain’t that great..after a couple more hours Catania airport is in sight.. beautiful…no snow on the ground but can see a little snow on the top of Mt Elba in the distance, and the water is amazing. First time to Europe and the city is strictly old world…..spread out beneath us.

Wood cafe, the picturesque airport restaurant is closed as we clear customs and head for our rental car. Picked up our Opel Insignia after a slight wait…see even in my fantasy couldn’t get the convertible I wanted from Hertz Catania Aeroporta but the people were helpful and spoke fluent English

Car is packed..we are on our way to Villa Noto..pool..hot tub..large flat screen with satellite..air conditioning and WiFi. Only 55 miles and we can really relax….no ice…no cold…about 60 degrees..sun is coming up and almost to the Villa.

Cat is awake and hungry..clean the cage and food and water

Hard to believe 24 hours ago I was freezing in Michigan and now here we are on the Mediterranean getting ready to enjoy our getaway.

As we get closer I am amazed at the landscape on the way to the Villa …reminds me of the arid areas around Las Vegas or Arizona.

Well here we are..looked better in the brochure..but for pure fantasy ain’t to bad

Villa Noto

Got to go check out the hot tub and pool and get unpacked . Wow… nice pool and hot tub.

Cat can’t wait to find some sand.. thinks it’s one big litter box

Pool is everything the misses wanted and for a mind trip better than wading through the snow.

Unpacked..straightened out the luggage..turned on the flat screen..funny to see I Love Lucy reruns in Italian. Time for the hot tub to get our bodies relaxed after the flight.

Wish you were here…hell wish I was here!

So nice to be outside in the sun again..almost feel human again. Cat found a cushion to curl up on an is purfectly happy…little play on words.

Linda’s going to hang by the pool and read her new James Patterson novel while I walk around a bit.

What a view of the coast and the nearest beach is about 15 minutes away.

The Mediterranean

Really different grounds around the Villa..nice in a rustic sort of way…fantastic views of both the surrounding typical Sicilian countryside and the coast.

I really like the seclusion…it’s relaxing..and we are close enough to drive to some of Sicily’s beautiful towns and beaches.

Even though it’s off season it is great. Noto Marina beach is only 10 minutes away. Time to get Linda out of the pool and head into town to the out door market we saw this morning.

We can always find a flea market

Afraid I have to get back to reality..but this is a good place to head back to the Villa after an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing.


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