Things I Miss 2.0

My career found my wife and I working in the New York City area six to seven times a year. We were frequent guests at the Murray Hill Suites and they actually had a designated room for our stay…303.

We enjoyed New York…the hustle and bustle..but the food was always outstanding. During our stays, I fell in love with good Jewish delicatessen food and the two that stood out were located on 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Ironically not only were they on 7th within blocks of each other but they both opened the same year in 1937.

The Carnegie Deli opened next door to Carnegie Hall andwas located at 854 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

The Stage Deli, located on Seventh Avenue just two blocks from Carnegie Hall and ‘it’s longstanding rivalry…the nearby Carnegie Deli.

When you went into the Stage Deli you never knew who would be sitting in there eating and many of the frequent celebrities actually had items on the menu named for them

Sadly both deli’s closed within four years of each other.

In my senior years I have placed on my bucket list to find a decent deli where I could enjoy enjoy a bowl of Matzo Ball soup and a kosher corned beef on rye sandwich.

The other day meeting our daughter Melissa, Rick and family for lunch …I am pleased to announce being able to cross off a bucket list entry.

I found the Stage Deli of West Bloomfield, Michigan and it was great.


Not only was the food delicious but ironically it was called the Stage Deli.

My Matzo Ball soup was so good I had to take a bite before I photographed it.



And my corned beef on rye was as good as I remembered in New York City. A mile high pile of corned beef on great ride with  amazing yellow deli mustard. I was in heaven.


Melissa even found a vegan item on the menu that she said would bring her back for more.


The Annie Hall
avocado, cucumber, havarti, lettuce, tomato, thin onion, basil-garlic mayo, pumpernickel

Although Linda enjoyed her Matzo Ball soup… she opted for a salad that she loved…Chinese Chicken Salad.


Chinese Chicken Salad
sliced chicken breast, mandarin orange, toasted almonds, green onions, crispy rice noodles, shredded carrot, sesame-ginger dressing

The Stage Deli hit a home run with our party..the food was a little pricey but you are in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The only negative was even with reservations we waited almost 1/2 hour after our reservation. Definitely need reservations for party of 6 or more. I say thumbs up and another thing scratched from my bucket list.





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