Been away a while

I have to admit I never saw it coming.


Had been thinking of doing a blog for a while..had my thoughts..good name..then I got blindsided..cancer of the esophagus. I was a 10 year survivor of prostate cancer ..all the check ups and bang there it was..has left Cat and I set back a bit.

Then the hackers got into my social media accounts..had to cancel one and lost control of the other. All kinds of garbage being sent under my name and apparently can’t do a thing. Anyway don’t know what is in store for us but I think cat and I will start walking our blog again.

Who knows maybe we can give others either inspiration or insight.

So Cat and I will yell at you later. By the way never underestimate cat…..he has not left my side since I became ill..a friend in need is a friend indeed


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